1) Payment of the rent of the vehicle. How do I pay?

The payment of the rent can occur in 3 ways: International Credit Card (Visa / MasterCard / American Express) or cash (U$).

We have the option to pay in Brazilian Currency (R$). We can send a bank slip or else a current account deposit can be made. For both cases, we ask that you communicate with us at least 5 days in advance.

2) Who can drive the vehicle?

On the day of picking up the vehicle, the customer must present the Original and Valid Driver's License. For foreigners who do not reside in the United States, we will also ask for a passport.

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years. Depending on the power of the vehicle or its size, the minimum age of 25 years may be required.

If the Driver's license is printed in Non-Roman Alphabet (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and others), the client must present the International Driver's License. If the country of origin of the client is not part of the International Treaty, it must provide Official and Original Translation.

3) If you take a traffic ticket. What happens?

The traffic / parking tickets are the responsibility of the customer and will be issued in your Driver's License. No fines will be issued for the vehicle license plate.

4) Fuel tank. Can I deliver it empty?

Yes. In general we deliver the full tank at the pick-up point of the vehicle and the customer also delivers full on the return. If customer delivered empty or not full, we charge the fuel proportionally.

5) Are there any extra charges for picking up the vehicle?

No. Only what is on the Voucher will be charged.

We can offer some additional services, such as: Special Insurance, Exchange for a larger or more sporting vehicle, Comfort Kit and others options. In this case, there will be additional charge if the customer accepts.

6) STR (Technical Support Road).

Our Company has all technical support to the customer 24 hours a day. This service is special and can be hired on the site or on the day you are personally renting the vehicle.

Services Covered by STR:

A) Battery Without Charge. We will cover the costs of Jump Start or battery replacement as required.

B) If the customer forgets the key inside the vehicle, we will cover the costs of the manufacturer's unlocking service or others.

C) Key Loss: If the renter loses the key or key of the vehicle, we may deliver a new set of keys (if available) or cover the costs of changing the keys.

F) Towing Service: For all the cases mentioned above or a mechanical failure in the vehicle, we can make the decision to change the vehicle (if necessary). The costs with Towing will be covered by us.

Important: STR (Road Technical Service) does not cover accidents and thefts.
For coverage in these cases , we propose CDW / LDW Insurance (as described below).

7) Coverage and Types of Insurance.

A) CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

This type of insurance covers damage to the rented vehicle in case of accident, theft, loss or damage.

This 'CDW' insurance model is also known as LDW (Loss Damage Waiver).

Exclusions from coverage for CDW / LDW Insurance (Standard Rate):
• Damage caused to the transmission, wheels, and parts attached to the vehicle chassis by driving on damaged roads.
• Damage caused by stones, gravel, sand, or other materials thrown / blown over the vehicle.
• Burns / cuts on benches, carpets or rugs.
• Damage resulting from driving in places where vehicular traffic is prohibited, such as beaches, streams, snow, ice, rural areas without road, access where the tide is low and others.
• Damage caused by races and spells.
• Damage caused by floods, sea water or sea air.
• Damage caused by incorrect fuel.
• Loss of keys
• Damage arising from civil conflict, war, revolution.
• Damage that affects only tires, wheels, suspension, sound systems, or loss due to theft of parts of the vehicle and damage resulting therefrom.

B) SLI - (Supplemental Liability Insurance) – SLI protects the renter against claims made by third parties to cover material and / or bodily damages caused by an accident during the rental period of the vehicle.

This coverage covers up to $ 300,000 per accident.

Exclusions from coverage (SLI):
• Unauthorized Drivers,
• Drivers under the influence of alcohol, toxic substances and others.

Important: Exclusions may result in non-coverage for the driver and passengers of the vehicle. The SLI does not cover all the facts that may occur during the rental of the vehicle and does not include all risks.

In case of an accident, the renter should call the police 'immediately' and ask for an incident report. With the incident report in hand, the renter should contact the Seven Car Rental. In the sequence we will request the delivery of the original document, in order to contact the Insurance Company. If the renter does not request the incident report, SLI Insurance will lose its validity. General information: Seven Car Rental offers CDW / LDW and LIS insurance in your portfolio and no vehicle can be rented without insurance, even if the renter has coverage on your credit card.

8) Where do I pick up the vehicle?

As you make your reservation, we will adjust the date and time for delivery at the Airport or Hotel.

All with the maximum punctuality and speed!!!